Located at: 44140 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4A7
Occuring: Sat, Sep 8, 2018 12:00 AM
Pre-Entry Deadline: 2018-08-23
Producer: Cowgirl Creations
Dress Code: Western Attire including hat or helmet
Option: 1
Time Only: $5
Late Fee: $25
Arena Fee: $25
BBQ: $0

Notes: Futurity & Derby Results
Bill Robinson Memorial 2D Futurity & 2D Derby
We would like to thank all of the AMAZING Sponsors, participants and volunteers that supported these Events this year at The Glow. Without the support of Heidi Robinson and her family and friends, Carman Pozzobon and the whole Willis Family these events wouldn’t have been such a success. We appreciate ALL that you have done for The Bill Robinson Memorial Futurity & Derby and are so very grateful for the hours of work you all have put in to bring these events to life!
As this was the first Futurity & Derby we have ever produced, I wanted to make sure I had everything correct on my program. I did a practice race using the number of pre entries in both events and ran a whole practice race. Unfortunately, when we went to run the real race at the event, the program over rode all of the percentages I had entered and used the BRN4D payout structure. We advertised 65% would go to the 1D and 35% would go to the 2D. The results at the event payed out 60% to the 1D and 40% to the 2D. I am very sorry for the mistake and have corrected these results. I will NOT require anyone who placed in the 2D in both the Futurity and the Derby to payback any overpayment posted at the race. I will adjust all amounts for the 1D cheques to comply with our advertised 65%. Again, I apologize for the mistake and will make sure it doesn’t happen again